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Exclusive Benef its

        of the FX-Series

        FX - Economically the right decision                   FX - Technically the right decision

        •  Made in Germany                                     •   100% nickel
        •  Standard-compliant and tested CE/EN 13155/MRL       •   High Energy half-shell Magnets
           2006/42 EWG                                         •   Actuator travel of only 90°
        •  Product liability insurance with a German insurance   •  Large forged lifting eye (SF5)
           company                                             •   Great performance in a compact design
        •  Multilingual Documentation                          •   Short loading- and unloading times
        •  Environmentally friendly and future-proof by higher  •  No mechanical impairment of workpiece
        •  Power with lower SE Magnet consumption              •   Very massive shift shaft
        •  3 years Warranty                                    •   Recoilless hand operation
        •  Safety factor 3,5                                   •   Suitable for lat and round materials
        •  supply of spare parts guaranteed for 10 years       •   Increased safety via simple operation
        •  CAD Data available
        •  Facilitated document management for work safety

                               The safety groove               High energy magnets, ensures
                               feedbacks full lock             stable performance up
                                                               to the maximum working
        Large, forged lifting eye                              temperature of 80°C.         Monoblock solenoid shaft, made
                                                                                            of one piece, fully plated, ball
                                                                                            bearing without mechanical law

                                            Stable lever with
                                            one-handed switch
                                            mechanism in
                                            self-explanatory hand
                                            brake system.
                                            Recoilless, self-locking
                                                                    Massive stator-body             Dustproofed Bearings
                                                                    manufactured from one piece,
        Type plate scratch resistant                                completely plated, for maximum
                                                                    corrosion protection

        Common Lifting Magnets                                         FX Lifting Magnets
        Recessed or welded shifter shaft with                          Massive switching shaft with mounted magnets,
        Built-in magnets, 180° theoretical switching travel,           90° theoretical switching travel, extremely robust,
        Weakened or welded shaft, 3 air gaps                           Only one air gap

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